William Danberry

American Heroes Smokehouse’s founder, Ed Danberry, can trace his lineage back to the time of the Founding Father themselves. The Danberry family has a long and storied military history. While Ed served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War, his family has fought in virtually ever war since the Revolutionary War. William Danberry, of the NJ 4th Light Dragoon, was the first American ancestor the Danberrys can trace their military history back to. Found in the Historical Register of the Offices of the Continental Army during the War of the Revolution, William Danberry served as part of the Pennsylvania Line.

The Dragoons were Gen. Washington’ Eyes or Calvary. Raised on January 5. 1777, in Philadelphia, the Dragoons served the Continental Army under Colonel Stephen Moylan. The Dragoons fought at the Battle of Brandywine, the Battle of Germantown, the Battle of Guilford Court House and the Battle of Yorktown. Furloughed in June of 1783, the regiment was formally disbanded on November 15, 1783. The war virtually came to an end in October of 1781, when General Cornwallis was forced to surrender the British position at Yorktown. The war did not officially come to an end until two years later, when the Treaty of Paris was signed.


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