Restaurant owned and operated by veterans seeks to give back to those who served

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NEW JERSEY — When Ken Ventre left the Air Force, he bounced around the restaurant industry for a while before learning about American Heroes Smokehouse, a barbecue restaurant owned and operated by veterans.

“In the Air Force, it’s service before self, excellence in all you do,” Ventre said. “We have core values and I apply that everyday to what I do.”

Ventre started by slicing sandwiches in the pit and quickly moved up the corporate ladder. Now, he’s director of operations for the company.

“I probably got a lot farther in this job than I would anywhere else just because of the fact of my veteran history, my dedication and what I bring to the table,” he said.

The mission was handed down by owner Ed Danberry, who traces his family’s military service back to the Revolutionary War.

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