Meet Jocko

UPDATE: Thanks to all our supporters, we’re happy to report Jocko has been fully funded and is being trained. We’ve also begun raising money for a new service dog, Tonski!

Meet Jocko, the service-dog-in-training we are sponsoring at all of our locations. Named after Lt. Gen John A. Toolan (Ret.), Jocko is being trained by a local non-profit that specialize in providing highly trained and socialized Service/Companion Dogs to Veterans diagnosed as Amputees as well as those with PTSD, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

The cost associated with the training and care of service dogs costs thousands, but the impact is priceless for the disabled veterans who are assisted by these highly trained dogs. Dogs are purchased from reputable breeders, as the dogs are bred especially for this mission and have a highly sought after demeanor. In addition to the cost of purchase, the cost of training, feeding, and caring for Jocko, will all be sponsored by American Heroes Smokehouse. We thank all our patrons for their support of this noble cause…stay tuned on our blog for updates, events and additional fundraisers in support of service dogs.

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